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Hosting Types - Windows & Linux RedHat
Hosting Space - 100MB / 200MB / 500MB
Dedicated Space - 1-6GB

All hosting plans include the following main features:

 - Unlimited email forwarders
 - Antivirus filtering
 - SPAM filter
 - Web Mail
 - Mailing list - Unlimited data transfers
 - Free 1 x MySQL database (available for all    unix plans)
 - PHP4 / Perl / CGI support
 - Control panel to manage your domain    name, web and email

 Request for Web / Email Hosting:

Our Windows & Linux Managed Systems Services provide enterprise performance for server clustering, grid computing amd server applications. Built with superior quality and advanced features, our density-optimized solutions provide you with long-term dependability.

Server Installation & Configuration:
When it comes to hosting your company’s website or applications, it is easy to know what to do, but knowing how to do it and implementing the plan is more difficult. I-Weblogic server management and administration services offer you the ability to outsource the administration of your servers, helping you meet your business goals by freeing you to focus on your business development strategies.

Server management and administration services provided by I-Weblogic ranges from basic initial hardening of servers, to investigating and diagnosing of irregularities of your servers. You can combine different features of this support package to design a solution that addresses specific needs.

Data Backup:
Data backup services ensure that your data and systems are kept safe and secure and that backup data can be recovered quickly if your system fails. Having a backup system in place will protect your business against data-loss, unnecessary down-time or, in the worst cases, critical business failures.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) backup solution provided by I-Weblogic gives you access to our centralized shared backup drives. As part of the service, we will assist on the installation and configuration of the necessary backup software on your server to carry out a scheduled backup of your requirements.

Managed Shared Firewall:
With the rapid growth of interest in the Internet, network security has become a major concern to companies throughout the world. The fact that the information and tools needed to penetrate the security of corporate networks are widely available has only increased that concern. Any server which is connected to the Internet in any way is at risk from a security breach. Including firewall protection for your server is therefore a must for any company connecting to Internet.

With I-Weblogic Managed Shared Firewall service, your server will be protected against attacks and other known intrusion methods. We provide firewall protection to ensure attempted intrusions are detected before your applications and data are compromised. Access is only enabled to strictly defined ports on your server platform, with access to all other ports strictly disabled and constantly monitored.

Businesses rely on a variety of servers and network equipment to ensure that data flows seamlessly between employees, offices, and customers. Monitoring your servers is a proactive approach to preventing disaster. Ensuring that all components of your servers are functioning properly is critical to maximizing your company's online investment. You can be rest assured that your servers are running optimally through monitoring services provided by I-Weblogic. Our team will be able to react quickly to any problem your servers may be facing, with optional escalation of service notifications to different contact groups of your choice. Round-the-clock system monitoring allows potential problems to be addressed before they occur.

Network Load Balancing:
Many companies find that as their business expands, they require a more advanced hosting environment for their websites and applications. I-Weblogic has the expertise, services and products to provide advanced, multi-server configurations to provide added redundancy, security and higher performance for growing businesses. Load balancing further enhances the redundancy and security of your system by linking your servers together to balance the load between the servers.


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